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Bordeaux Business Network is a wonderful platform for English-speaking people in Bordeaux. Whether you consider yourself as an Expat or a French, you are WELCOME !

This positive and supportive community was created to be both an online and live, in-person community bringing you, social, business and personal development opportunities.

Official Events

Discover our events and outdoor activities that will allow you to strengthen the links between the different members of our community.

Katriona Murray - Platon - Bordeaux Business Network

Katriona Murray Platon


Marisa Zahler Raymond - Bordeaux Business Network

Marisa Zahler Raymond


Jane Lafresne - Bordeaux Business Network

Jane Lafresne

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Victoria Trochoux - Bordeaux Business Network

Victoria Trochoux


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Meet, connect and network with other Expats in Bordeaux.


Discuss, share and challenge yourself through our subjects.


Enjoy yourself during official events and outdoor activities.

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